It is all about the newer technology in spine surgery.the advantage over open conventional surgery is lesser incision, minimal scar, less blood loss,less days to stay at hospital and early rehabilitation. Special set of instrumentation required for minimally invasive spine surgery like microscope,endoscope etc. The other side of technique is not free from complication although less but still can lead to injury to nerve roots, spinal cord, blood vessels. During minimal invasive spine surgery if circumstances require any time surgeon can convert it into open surgery.


Conventional or open back surgeries are the basic and routine type of Surgery performed in conventional manner, although now in the era of technology they are having limited indications still these technique are gold standard in few cases of multilevel degenerated spine diseases.conventional surgeries required comparatively large incision, more tissue dissections and longer recovery period. This category includes open laminectomy, discectomy and spinal fusion surgery.


These are very high demanding surgeries required adequate preoperative planning, intraoperative care and post-operative proper follow-up and spine care like deformity correction( Scoliosis and Kyphosis), spinal fusion and fixation, fracture fixation, disc replacement surgery etc.


Interventional pain management are the techniques to diagnose, decrease and some time to completely relieving the pain. The motive of interventional techniqueIs to make the patient better so that they can return to their normal life early. In interventional pain management practice the target is pain generator. Interventional pain management technique includes-
1.epidural steroid injection
2. facet joint injections
3.medial branch block
4.Nerve root block
5.Sacroiliac joint injections
6. trigger point injections
The Mechanism of reducing the pain is common in all interventions,medication injected at the site of pain generator and it act by reducing the inflammation of tissue or blocking the pain signal. it is a daycare procedure does not require hospitalisation. The procedure performed in small operating room under C arm image intensifier. The goal of interventional pain management is to helping the patient to tolerate the pain better so that they can go for early participation in rehabilitation and physiotherapy.


Spinal cord injuries change many people’s lives but it’s not the end, life still can be enjoyable regardless the gravity of injury. patient suffering from spinal cord injury having mixed feeling glad to know that they are still alive, but having grief at the nature of the disability. Rehabilitation Programs is combination of physical therapy, skill building activities psychological counseling for social & emotional support. Active involvement of patient and their family members is very important.